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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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[UPDATE] QU catering staff protest; receive payment

[UPDATE] QU catering staff protest; receive payment

Catering staff at Qatar University who protested non-payment yesterday (see report below) have rejoined work, after receiving their dues late last evening. There are around 95 workers seconded to QU by the contracting company, Abraj International.

An official from the contracting company told JustHere that the staff were usually paid by the 18th of every month, but this month there was a further  delay in payment due to certain financial problems that the company was facing. However, he assured that the staff were given their salaries yesterday evening.

According to the official the staff only came in late, and did not stay away from work entirely.

Some of the workers (who live in a camp in the Industrial area) spoke to JustHere. Delayed payments every month affected their families back home, who dependent on the money they send, they said.



Earlier today the catering staff at Qatar University, who are employees of private contracting and services company Abraj International, stayed away from work in protest of non-payment of salaries. The staff who run the tea service have not been paid for two months. Though Qatar University has paid the contracting company, sources say the company had failed to pay its staff. JustHere spoke to some of the workers who said they stayed away only for a few hours before the company stepped in and promised that they would be paid by end of day. Qatar University administration was not available after hours for a comment. We also tried speaking to the HR manager of Abraj, but no comment was forthcoming.


  1. This happens all too frequently in this part of the world. The most I have ever had to wait is 2 weeks for my salary, so I can’t really complain from a personal level. However, if Qatar and the GCC want to be taken seriously in the global market place, employers need to understand that the payment of salary in a timely and accurate fashion forms part of a contract between the employed and the employer. In return for the work expected you HAVE to pay the agreed compensation in a timely manner. If you don’t you have broken your side of a contract and you cannot be surprised of the employees don’t then fulfill their side.

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