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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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QITCOM 2014 to focus on enhancing digital Arabic content

QITCOM 2014 to focus on enhancing digital Arabic content

The third edition of QITCOM will focus on enhancing digital Arabic content, according to this year’s organisers.

This year’s edition has been designed to attract a wider audience of the ICT community such as executives, innovators, entrepreneurs or simply enthusiasts from all sectors – and not just industry experts. It will be held from 26-28 May at the Qatar National Convention Centre.

QITCOM is organised by fischerAppelt, Qatar in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR).

The conference’s agenda is as follows:

  • Day 1 will offer an analysis of the ICT industry in Qatar, its challenges and opportunities. It will examine how ICT can enhance Qatar’s ability to deliver on its promises enshrined in the National Vision and what can be expected from future initiatives, covering topics such as broadband; cyber security; satellite; telecoms and policy, legal and regulatory frameworks. Qatar’s current and projected ICT framework will also be discussed, including smart cities, ICT in civic amenities such as traffic and sanitation, e-commerce and electronic finance, e-government services and how to enhance the appeal of ICT as a desirable vocation in Qatar.
  • Day 2 will look at ICT in business, and the role it plays in Qatar’s social and economic development in line with the National Vision. Experts will discuss past government ICT projects and the lessons learned, the current needs of government and the role businesses can play in the considerable future growth of ICT in government in Qatar and the wider region. The ICT demands of Qatar’s major projects and initiatives, such as hosting FIFA World Cup in 2022, Qatar Railways, the development of Lusail and other smart city projects, big infrastructure projects like the new port at Mesaeed and the significant growth of the healthcare and medical research sector in Qatar with the opening of Sidra, will also be discussed.
  • Day 3 will look at the future of ICT and Qatar’s competitive advantage as an emerging regional leader in ICT thought leadership. Focusing on Digital Arabic Content, experts will discuss how businesses, government and individuals can make Arabic Digital Content more pervasive. They will also examine how ICT can be an ideal avenue for innovation and entrepreneurship, and how new ideas and technologies can be fostered in Qatar.

In addition, QITCOM 2014 also features a series of smaller ICT-related events and activities during the course of the conference. These include:

  • QITCOM Awards – A programme that will recognise and reward excellence in ICT development, adoption and implementation within the GCC.
  • Innovation Theatre ­– Participants win a chance to showcase innovative apps, products and business models focused on improving public access to and the uses of Arabic Digital Content.
  • Tech Zone – will serve as a launch pad for organisaitons, exhibitors and individuals to demonstrate to visitors how products and technologies can be put to real use. These products can be in their concept stage, prototype phase or even in launch phase.
  • B2B Matchmaking – A networking opportunity for entrepreneurs and business professionals to introduce their business to potential partners
  • Case Competition – Participants are university students who are presented with real-world scenarios and are required to work  collaboratively to propose ICT-based solutions within 24 hours.
  • Mobile Interview Team – Comprising social media specialists and camera persons, the team will interact with exhibitors, speakers, delegates, visitors and award recipients to document their reactions in audio or video format which will be then uploaded on social media.
  •  QITCOM Tours – Guided tours are available for visitors seeking hands-on experience of everything that is being showcased.
  • Appathon – A gathering of app developers to create apps under various categories.
  • Corporate Treasure Hunt – Unlike regular treasure hunts, this particular challenge is powered by a custom-made online interface that will generate codes and serve as the mechanism for the hunt – revealing questions. Questions are based on the ICT industry as well as those related to the exhibition and conference.

For more updates on the event, click here.

[Photo courtesy: QITCOM 2012]

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