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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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QAWS to seek registration as charitable organisation; Secures six-month extension on land lease

In an open letter posted on their Facebook page, the Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) has announced that they have been granted a six-month extension till 30 March, 2014. But they will be taking in new animals only on an emergency basis till they secure a permanent land. The rent remains at QR17,000 per month, a penalty they pay for overstaying.

“We MUST stress that this has only been possible due to our ongoing good relationships with our landlords, who have been closely watching our endeavors and struggles to find an alternative site,” said the QAWS Committee in the letter.

Failed attempts

Despite continuous pleas with the authorities, QAWS has been unable to secure a new land. The shelter was to shut down on 30 September with over 180 animals left to be rehomed. While there were plans to relocate a number of dogs to another animal shelter – the 2nd Chance Rescue, that has been scrapped as well.

The letter states: “Unfortunately after months of discussion, at the 11th hour they (2nd Chance Rescue) presented us with a list of terms and conditions that we were unable to fulfill before our closure deadline, September 30th.

“The only way we can go forward and continue to operate QAWS is to pursue registered charitable status. We are delighted to be able to advise you that we finally have some backing and our very own wasta to help us achieve this and we sincerely hope this will ultimately lead to QAWS being where it needs to be.”

Now that QAWS will continue to run the next six months, they are in need of a committed core group of volunteers. They will be posting a list of voluntary positions on their Facebook Page soon.

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