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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Qatar’s first web radio seeks community inputs in its programming

Qatar’s first web radio seeks community inputs in its programming

ILoveQatar has launched the country’s first web radio, and you could have a say in the direction it takes and how it shapes up, says Khalifa Al Haroon, its founder.

Khalifa, who has been nurturing this idea for a few years now, says the radio station is still being tested, and audience reactions are being gauged to finalise the programming model and style.

“We aren’t sure about the ratio (music/talkshow/news) because my goal is for the community to decide. I really want this to be a station that the public has input on. Right now we have three talk shows, events, news bites and lots of music. We even have a show for the Jpop and Kpop (Japanese and Korean pop music) fans that has been getting great response!”

Though QF Radio is available on the web as well, it’s primarily an FM station, making this initiative by ILQ the first of its kind in the country.

At present the ILQ radio project is driven by Khalifa, Hamad Al Amari and Kevin Waller, and has received interest of participation from several others in the community.

“We’re all working on this during our free time, but we have to generate revenue from programme sponsorships and advertising,” he says.

The ILQ radio app is also available for android devices.

Connection and streaming

The web radio will stream best on a 3G connection. “Our quality goes up to 192kbs. You’ll need a data plan if on mobile. Right now on streaming radio would consume around 60mb an hour and at very good quality. I’m on a 2GB plan and have not gone over with all my data intensive apps. And I am always online,” Khalifa says.

However, web radio is only the first step, with the aim of going FM.

“We want to start small and focused, and grow into a full fledged station. That’s the dream. Always looking for those right partners to help us shine.”

Partners and contributors, he stresses. “Honestly I’d love to get people to submit their ideas and even a demo and perhaps get them on air.”

Have an idea or dream of being an RJ? Here’s your chance.

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