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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Qatari women may soon have a role in the military

As the mandatory military service programme begins, officials will soon come to a decision regarding the role of Qatari women in the country’s military.

Currently, the law makes it compulsory for Qatari men aged 18 to 35 to serve in the military for a few months. Graduates are required to serve three months while non-graduates, four months. The first ever batch for this year comprises 2,500 graduates of universities and secondary schools who begin training on April 1. Registration for the next batch opens February 23.

During a press conference, Major General Mubarak Mohammad Al Kumait Al Khayarin, Commander of Qatar Emiri Air Force and Head of National Service said a study was being conducted on including Qatari women in the country’s military service programme. Respecting Qatari traditions and values, women will be barred from rigorous military training, but given opportunities in social, cultural and medical departments in the security organisations, The Peninsula has reported.

Nationals who are currently employed will be given their full salary for the entire duration of their training. Those unemployed are also said to receive an amount that will be announced soon.

Nationals who don’t join the military service face a fine of QR50,000 and jail term for upto one year. However, nationals with severe medical conditions or are a single children, or those looking after children of martyrs are exempted from this service.

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