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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Qatar residents to gather tonight to protest the bloodshed in Palestine

Qatar residents to gather tonight to protest the bloodshed in Palestine

As attacks on Gaza continue to escalate, Qatari residents will come together tonight to express solidarity to the people of Palestine.

A protest will be organised inside the Palestinian Embassy tonight, from 8pm-10pm, an official from the embassy told JustHere. “There’s no official ceremony, no donations required. Everyone is invited to stand together to show support to those suffering in Palestine,” said the official.

For more information about tonight’s protest or directions to the embassy, contact the Palestinian Embassy at 44692929.


Israel’s airstrikes on the Gaza strip has reached the seventh day. According to a report by Al Jazeera English, the death toll had reached 189, and about 80% are reported to be civilians.; 1,350 people have been wounded; over 17,000 people are seeking shelter in UN compounds.
International efforts for a cease-fire between Israel and Palestinian group Hamas have been futile so far.

[Photo courtesy: Palestinian Solidarity Campaign]



  1. Anas

    Instead of palestine embassy , Why you not organize in front of Israel Embassy in Qatar. Qatar Govt should give permission to the residents of Qatar to protest against Israel for genocide attacks on our palestine muslim brothers and sisters .

  2. muslimamdproud

    Iam happy and proud to hear that Qatari Government agreed to plan this event but the drawback is that there were not advertisements or posters around Qatar saying that such event would be hosted. Personally, my friend told me about the event the day it began so too late. (PS I did not see any billboards or advertisements but there may be only I did not eyewitness it)

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