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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Qatar Foundation Accounts Hacked

Qatar Foundation Accounts Hacked

QF’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked. Some say Syrian forces loyal to Assad are behind this.

This is not the first time that prominent Qatar profiles have been hacked. Al Jazeera was hacked in September, last year.

This morning social media users woke up to these messages.

The Twitter page this morning:

All fingers seem to point to Syria at this moment, though at the time we update this report, no one had taken responsibility yet.


  1. sgaawc

    Whether or not these hackers are Syrians, it’s by any reason the social media account owner responsibility to look over his way of accessing his account online, the way he saves his credientials, web browsers and the level of the internet security he’s already using.

    Technically speaking, (particularly) maintains the highest possible data protection and security level from its end. Therefore these ‘fingers’ should be repointed to the ‘internet user’.

    I highly suggest that organizations like QF should educate its staff by the internet security measurements and how minimize these hacks.

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