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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Qatar Biobank reaches 200th participant

Qatar Biobank reaches 200th participant

Two months after beginning to collect health information and biological samples, Qatar Biobank reached its 200th participant: a Qatari male, Fahad Al-Thani.

Of the total participants, 60% were Qataris while the rest were long-term expatriate residents who have been here for at least 15 years.

The health information and samples of blood, urine and saliva collected from participants will enable researchers in the future to undertake high-quality biomedical research to better understand the causes of a range of diseases that affect the population of Qatar, and hence offer better preventive measures and treatments.

Qatar Biobank is a member of Qatar Foundation, working in partnership with the Supreme Council of Health, Hamad Medical Corporation and scientists from Imperial College London, to enable medical research on health issues that prevail in Qatar. “Qatar Biobank is unique in terms of the details of the baseline information collected from all participants during their visit of around three hours. This visit includes a number of aspects, beginning with asking participants some questions on their health, diet and lifestyle , followed by taking measurements, such as blood pressure, lung function,  a treadmill test to measure physical fitness and electrocardiogram that have been used in other biobanks around the world, but it also includes a number of new features that have not been included in other large scale studies, such as using advanced imaging techniques to measure whole-body composition and the health of carotid arteries,” said Professor Paul Elliott and Professor Elio Riboli of Imperial College London.

Though it would take up to ten years to obtain results from Qatar Biobank, studying participants with cases of diabetes and hypertension could also help provide early insights in the next few years into the causes of a range of diseases that afflict the Qatari population, the professors further added.

At present, Qatar Biobank is located at Building No. 29 at Hamad Medical City.

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Pic Courtesy: Adrian Haddad

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