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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Qatar Airways unveils three new destinations in Pakistan; Flights to Sialkot, Faisalabad and Multan begin 16th July 2015, 17th July 2015 and 1st August 2015

Qatar Airways unveils three new destinations in Pakistan; Flights to Sialkot, Faisalabad and Multan begin 16th July 2015, 17th July 2015 and 1st August 2015

Qatar Airways unveiled the launch dates of three new passenger destinations in Pakistan as part of the airline’s continued expansion strategy.

Beginning 16th July 2015, the airline will begin four weekly passenger services to Sialkot where it already operates dedicated freighter services three times a week. Sialkot also marks Qatar Airways’ first new passenger route to Pakistan since 2004.

A day later, on 17th July 2015, Qatar Airways will add Faisalabad to its Pakistan network with three flights a week, and from 1st August 2015, Qatar Airways will spread its wings further in Pakistan with the launch of three flights a week to Multan.

Qatar Airways currently operates 45 flights a week spread across four cities in Pakistan – double daily flights to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, and three flights a week to Peshawar. Karachi was first launched by the airline in 1995, Peshawar in 1998, Lahore in 1999 and Islamabad in 2004.

Qatar Airways will operate an Airbus A320 in a two-class configuration of up to 12 seats in Business Class and up to 132 in Economy Class on all the new routes to Pakistan.

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The Doha – Sialkot schedules starting from 16th July 2015 are:
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
Depart Doha QR 626 at 01:10, arrive Sialkot at 06:50
Depart Sialkot QR 627 at 08:35, arrive Doha at 10:15

The Doha – Faisalabad schedules starting from 17th July 2015 are:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Depart Doha QR 624 at 01:10, arrive Faisalabad at 06:35
Depart Faisalabad QR 625 at 09:45, arrive Doha at 11:15

The Doha – Multan schedules starting from 1st August 2015 are:
Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays
Depart Doha QR 618 at 01:10, arrive Multan at 06:25
Depart Multan QR 619 at 09:35, arrive Doha at 11:05

[Photo courtesy: Qatar Airways via Flickr]


  1. best of luck Qatar

  2. Mahmood

    My best wishes are with Qatar Airways. GOOD LUCK

  3. Saba

    Hey I want to apply for a job done master in English literature and linguistic and right now working avitivation office in a company

  4. Mohd Sabie

    Thanks qatar airways start for sialkot flight

  5. Imran Kazmi

    Happy to see this news.

  6. Imran Gulzar

    Thanks and appreciate for your effort and best of luck.
    I am sure many people from Kuwait will use your good services for Faisalabad.


  7. Javed Ali

    Glad to see Qatar has launch its operation from Multan Best of Luck Qatar

  8. Malik Abbas

    Can not Waite to book a flight to multan

  9. zulfiqar ahmed

    used to fly pia via Karachi to Faisalabad and had lots of problems .Now thanks Qatar Airways shall be flying to Faisalabad with Qatar Airways from now onwards inshallaha

  10. Khalid

    My family and I are frequent travelers to Faisalabad from the UK for both visiting family and conducting business. We live in Scotland, UK and aren’t near PIA’s preferred UK destinations of Manchester, London and Birmingham etc. Also PIA and other carriers such Emirates and Qatar would in the past only fly to Lahore.

    Faisalabad and other nearby districts have vast numbers of people living and working abroad. I think PIA will suffer as these travelers switch to the likes of Qatar Airways and Emirates because they are beginning to fly passengers from nearby international airports to their local destination airport (be it Sialkot, Faisalabad or Multan).

    Faisalabad airport’s runway needs to be upgraded to facilitate bigger and heavier planes along with the ability to acommodate more numerous airliners with a larger apron. That’s why Qatar are only using the small A319/A320’s for this destination thrice weekly. However I believe this may prove to be inadequate as the service becomes increasingly popular.

    I like Lahore. But after a grueling long haul flight I want be home in Faisalabad relaxing in minutes and not face a 4 hour car journey.

    Thus I and all of my family will now fly from Edinburgh to Faisalabad via Doha in 11h40m using Qatar Airways new service to Faisalabad. Had the service started sooner one of my sons and his family would have used it (and that’s 5 passengers) as their leaving at the end of June.

    We are all frequent travelers and along with other passengers the revenue loss to both PIA and Emirates will be significant.

    Thank you Qatar Airways for choosing Faisalabad your reward will be our loyal custom and increased profits.

  11. shahzad malik

    Salam…. Thanks to Qatar Airways we can now fly very easy from Frankfurt to Multan…..I love it……

  12. Karamat Ali

    I am so glade when I listen that Qatar airways is going to Multan now.its so fantastic….


  14. Thanks Qatar Airways Start flights to Sialkot Pakistan good luck

  15. Mirza asif Mahmood

    Thanks qatar airways flights start to Multan Pakistan. Good luck Qatar Airways. So Happy to hear this news.

  16. Thanks qatar airways to start to multan.Very easy to reached home early.

  17. Nazir Ahmed

    Inshalla Qatar Airways will be successful for these new routs and best of luck

  18. Aslam O Alekam,

    Thank you Qatarthis is good news.
    Wish you all the best with your new routes. Ameen.

  19. Zulfiqar Ahmed sambrial

    Best of luck Qatar Airways

  20. Yasin Allah Bukhsh

    I am so glad to listen that qatar airways going to faisalabad and Multan. thanks to fly Dubai and Qatar airways.

  21. Khurram Shehzad

    Am so glad to hear that, Qatar airways direct flight to Sialkot. thanks and best of luck.

  22. Ahsan Mahmood Warraich

    I am very happy to see qatar airways starts flights to faisalabad.

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