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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Qatar Airways doubles the number of movies and TV shows on board

Qatar Airways doubles the number of movies and TV shows on board

Qatar Airways has announced that it will double the number of movies and TV shows on board over the coming months, increasing the choice of entertainment channels from 950 to 2,000. This comes on top of the already wide selection of more than 200 audio options and 50 games to entertain both children and adults during their journey.

Passengers on board Qatar Airways flights in March 2015 will also be able to enjoy an eclectic line up of Oscar-winning movies including Birdman, which won Academy Awards for Best Movie and Best Director, and The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne, who won the Oscar for Best Actor.


[Photo courtesy: Qatar Airways via Flickr – © 2014 BBP IMITATION, LLC. All Rights Reserved.]


[Photo courtesy: Qatar Airway via Flickr – © 2014 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. All Rights Reserved.]

Other Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated movies debuting on board in March include, The Imitation Game starring Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch; Interstellar, which scooped the Academy Award for Special Effects; Foxcatcher featuring Oscar nominee Steve Carell; and Wild starring the Oscar nominated-actresses Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern. In addition, Two Days, One Night, starring French actress Marion Cotillard, who was nominated in the Best Actress category, will also premiere on board in March.

Other blockbusters debuting on board Qatar Airways in March 2015 include The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and family favourites Paddington and Penguins of Madagascar.

Arabic movie premieres debuting on board Qatar Airways in March include Geran El Saad, a family comedy featuring Sameh Hussien and Kuwaiti box office hit Elisa Khatafha Jameel, as well as Rock the Casbah starring Omar El Sherief and Nadeen Labaky.

Qatar Airways inflight entertainment will also include more than 850 episodes of popular TV shows and comedy titles such as A to Z, Brooklyn Nine Nine, 2 Broke Girls, Flight of the Concords, Loui, Modern Family and New Girl season 4.

The latest seasons from hit dramas such as: Downton Abbey, Fargo, Believe, Almost Human, Constantine,  Forever, From Dusk till Dawn, Gotham, Happy Valley, Mad Men, How to Get Away with Murder, Person of Interests, Stalker, Suites, The Good Wife and The Flash, will also all be available throughout March.

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