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JustHere | February 6, 2018

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[PHOTO] Msheireb: The new look of Doha’s oldest commercial centre

If you’ve been in Qatar long enough, you would remember the Msheireb area as a busy commercial hub. With its line of electronic shops, supermarkets, little eateries and other retail stores, it was a go-to place for many residents.

Since 2010, the area has undergone massive demolition and regeneration as part of the Msheireb Downtown Doha project. Gone are Shara Kharaba (Electricity street), ‘National’ area and Abdullah bin Thani street, which used to be bustling with small businesses and eateries – a vibrant Doha street life.

Below is a panoramic view (click to enlarge) of the Msheireb construction site captured by JustHere’s graphic designer Karim Alendari.

Mushaireb City copyright

“Going from one street to another, seeing construction everywhere – blocked roads, demolished old buildings and shops shut down, the Heart of Doha left me wondering about its size. Went on top of one of the surviving buildings and captured the whole site. It was 10pm. The site was all bluish as opposed to the golden lights of the Souq in the backdrop, creating an interesting contrast of colours. This photo was made of 9 shots divided into 3 sets, each set was made as a single HRD image and combined together to create a beautiful panoramic view.” – Karim Alendari

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Project factsheet

Cost: QR20 billion
Area: 31 hectares
Residential Units: Approx. 900
Parking spaces: Approx. 10,255
Residential population: 2,100
Employee population: 13,000
Building height range: 3-30 stories
Visitors per day: 50,000
For more details about the Msheireb Downtown Doha project, visit their website. [/boxify]


The project is divided into six phases, and currently Phase 1 is almost complete. This includes the Amiri Diwan Quarter, the National Archive and four heritage houses that will be converted into museums, in addition to a mosque and Doha’s Eid prayer ground.

By 2016, Msheireb Downtown Doha will be a thriving community comprising a mix of residential and commercial spaces, plus a wide variety of restaurants and retail shops. The project will also feature a cultural forum, school, nurseries and mosques.

The flip side

While Msheireb Downtown Doha is one of the major urbanisation projects that Qatar is witnessing, it came as a major blow for those with shops in and around the area. Many of the retail units were relocated to Barwa Village, but it hasn’t managed to attract customers like how Msheireb did, leading to losses and closure of several small-time businesses. Last year, JustHere visited the establishments around Msheireb to get a closer look at what is happening around the area. Click here to view our short film.

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