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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Parents continue to struggle with school admissions in Qatar for new academic year

As the new academic year begins in April for most Indian schools in Qatar, the strict number crunch in classrooms is becoming a major cause of worry among parents applying for admissions.

According to a report in the Gulf Times, many of the Indian schools said they were unable to accommodate new students as per Supreme Education Council directives.  As a safety regulation, schools are required to reduce the total number of students in classrooms to 30.

Some of the older schools in Qatar such as MES Indian School and Ideal Indian School charge the lowest school fees among expatriate schools, and hence are a popular choice among parents. However, since these schools are packed to capacity, parents are forced to opt for other schools that are expensive, giving rise to affordability issues.

School admissions in Qatar have always been a tough process for residents. he uncertainty of waiting lists, and exorbitant school fees, have forced a few parents to take up homeschooling as an alternative.

New schools

In August this year, SEC had released a list of 15 new private schools that would begin operations for the academic year 2014-2015, according to a report in The Peninsula. These included six Qatari, four Indian, one Finnish, two British and two American schools.

Here’s a list of the new schools as posted on Qatar Living.

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How has your admission experience been? Have you given the new schools a try?

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