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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Ooredoo launches online community forum; Test of fire begins?

Ooredoo launches online community forum; Test of fire begins?

Now you don’t have to dial *111# for any query regarding your telecom service provider. Ooredoo has launched a new online forum called ‘Ooredoo Community’ to help you find answers straight from the net.

At a time where companies are maximising their social media presence through channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Shiva Singh, the Community Manager, believes an online forum only helps further boost “customer engagement”.

Social media helps in better engaging with customers, draws their support rather than them just being passive customers, he explains.

“We wanted to emphasise more on engaging with customers, and hence the community was formed. We wanted to connect with our customers and give them a platform where they can talk not just with us, but to each other as well.”

The forum works on the concept of “crowd-sourcing”. When a customer poses a question regarding technical and communication issues, other customers will be allowed to share their solutions. Since all these answers will be stored and organised topic-wise, the next time a customer faces a similar issue, the answers will be already made available. “The idea is to save you the trouble of calling the Ooredoo call centre, when you can find an answer with a simple Google search,” says Shiva.

The risks involved

Since this is an open forum, chances of inappropriate and misleading information maybe quite high.

To combat that, monitoring is crucial, says Shiva. A feature called ‘Accepted Solution’ has been introduced.

“For example you have a question about the best mobile data plan or how to get 4G, that you ask in the community. Customers 1, 2 and 3 might give you completely incorrect replies, but the fourth customer would give you the completely right answer. Once you have tried and tested it, you can mark his comment as ‘Accepted Solution’, since you were the one who started this thread.”

In addition, Ooredoo staff would also be monitoring the replies, and marking the appropriate one to help the customer.
“So the next time a customer has the same query, he will be straight directed to the ‘Accepted Solution’”.

Ready to handle flak?

While this forum maybe invaluable for customers, for the company itself it might be a test of fire.

“We have handled very good and very bad comments on social media in the past, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Being the first dedicated customer forum in Qatar, we need to take this risk,” says Singh.

The community is bilingual, and would require you to register if you want to ask a question. There’s also a virtual ‘majlis’ within the forum allowing customers to discuss anything and everything about Qatar.

Have you tried it yet? Share your thoughts on whether it met your needs and expectations.

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