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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Online scams on the rise in Qatar


A number of residents have fallen prey to online frauds in the country. Most of these crimes are committed by ‘middle men’ who approach people on social networking sites, offering to settle fines or provide air tickets for half the price.

The Ministry of Interior has advised all residents to be wary of such transactions. As a precaution, the MOI has said to avoid storing banking information or personal data online.

In a report in Gulf Times, Maj Ali Hassan al-Kubaisi, head of the Economic Crime Section of the Criminal Investigation Department, explain how these scams are executed.

“The fraudsters would pay the fine using stolen or forged credit cards and inform the persons concerned that the payment was successful. The ‘beneficiaries’ would be able to verify the settlement of fines by checking the relevant websites and pay the fraudsters. But at the time of collection it would be proved that the transaction was made with forged credit cards, causing the system to reject the payment and the fine will be charged again.”

Another problem reported was the increase in the number of missed calls from overseas numbers. According to MoI, these numbers originate from Belarus, Latvia and Senegal, and upon calling back, the caller is charged.

To report any scam or suspicious online activity, call MoI at 2347444 or 66815757 or e-mail to

[Photo courtesy: Intel Free Press via Flickr]


  1. nancy benedicto

    Dear Sir,

    I receive a call here in Qatar from Oredoo it sees i won money worth 200,000 QR they ask me to pay in western union amount of 3750.00 QR for the charges i dont know what to do because that is my salary from my atm card i give all my details and the money that i was sent is in UAE name Mr Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Muhamma Yaqoob they receive already the money via bank online and there is one number that use in wahatzupp +97433349423 sir i ask to some help to catch this person here in Qatar and the person in UAE

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