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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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NHRC inaugurates help desks for expat communities

To help expatriates with their legal concerns, the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) has set up help desks for the Indian, Egyptian, Nepalese and Filipino communities at its headquarters.

According to a report by The Peninsula, the help desks will “serve as a facilitator between the NHRC and the expatriates who seek help”. The help desks’ staff comprise representatives from the respective embassies.

As part of the procedure, expatriates can register their complaints at the help desk. It is then referred to legal experts at NHRC who will either examine the case or help connect the complainant to the concerned authorities. Some cases would be referred to the Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Interior, the report further adds.

The Indian and Filipino help desks started operating seven months ago, but were officially inaugurated yesterday. According to embassy officials, the Nepalese help desk receives an average of five to 15 people per day, while the Indian help desk has received over 160 people so far. A majority of cases were related to sponsorship change, in addition to illegal termination, non-payment of salary and denial of exit permit among many others.


  1. Fasihuddin shaik mohammed

    It is to bring your kind notice that my company approved vacation ends on 01 Aug 2015,but my return ticket given by company is on 18 Aug 2015.

    When I approached airlines several times to provide me 01 Aug 2015 Or 02 Aug 2015 ticket,the excess amount is huge. So, who will pay the excess amount. Please Advice as per qatar law and human rights

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