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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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A new wave of marketing? Meet the podcast columnist.

John Savage (right) with Dr. Sarah Lawson (Left) [Photo courtesy: Doha Heat.]

John Savage (right) with Dr. Sarah Lawson (left)
[Photo courtesy: Doha Heat]

Flowing with increasingly interesting ideas and booming businesses, Qatar is rapidly growing in many avenues. However, John Savage has started a business of another kind.

Through his podcast column ‘Doha Heat’, John aims to draw attention to the dos and don’ts of starting businesses in Qatar, while exploring other facets of being a resident in the country – from fashion and lifestyle, opinions, views and ideas.

“I am massively interested in social media and online marketing,” says 37-year-old John from London, which would explain the passion and work put into Doha Heat.

Launched on 15 June 2014, the podcast columnist has rapidly gained popularity after recording 25 podcasts so far, 21 of which are released on iTunes. Click here to view the list.

John has approached several companies, people and organisations to absorb their insight on matters of business. “So far people from banks, authorities and including sports personalities have come on the show which is amazing for something so new,” he tells JustHere.

Why a podcast?

John’s idea to start Doha Heat has been a project in the making for the past year but John only jumped in deep when he finally got the confidence to make the idea happen. Being a huge fan of the country, he wanted to give everyone working in Qatar a chance to voice their views on businesses and lifestyle. In addition to this, he also wanted to promote businesses and organisations in the country to people all around the globe.

“Podcasting only requires a computer, a mic and the person handling the podcast. It can reach thousands and is free for listeners as well.”

John’s business is technology friendly and cost effective as it is free to upload to iTunes with an overall outlay of around $20 per month. As for its critical evaluation, “Doha Heat had very positive feedback with people I’ve spoken too instantly grasping the concept.  I’m sure the podcast is not perfect, but it is yet to receive any negative feedback,” says John while talking about his project.

“Currently as the podcast is so new, we work off word-of-mouth and introductions. Soon we will have dedicated days. For example on Mondays,  podcast will focus on sports personalities in Qatar, and so on and so forth.”

To get in touch with the podcast columnist, visit the website or email: Doha Heat is also present on Facebook and Twitter.

Would you give it a try?


  1. As someone who has used podcasting for 9 years, it leads to the end of cold calling. People call me up for consulting and quote my words back to me. They’ve decided to do business with me because of the content I give away for free.

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