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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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New respiratory mask developed to tackle coronavirus

New respiratory mask developed to tackle coronavirus

A Swiss healthcare company, Viroblock has come up with a novel face-mask that is highly effective against flu and coronaviruses. According to a statement issued by the company, the mask’s cholesterol depletion technology traps and kills over 99.9995% of H1N1 flu viruses (swine flu), 99.999% of H5N1 flu viruses (avian flu) and 99.997% human coronaviruses that pass through air.

With the Holy Month of Ramadan beginning next week, hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims will be travelling to Mecca. Despite Saudi Arabia having a 60% mortality rate for coronavirus, it faces no travel restriction, which has raised concerns over the spread of infection among pilgrims.

According to Viroblock, the new technology has been lab-tested and shown to reduce the possibility of airborne-transmission. “Aerobiology tests for face-masks simulate real life situations, in which the user is exposed to viruses coming in. The mask helps prevent transmission from and to the person wearing the mask,” said Dr Thierry Pelet, CSO at Viroblock in a statement.

So far researchers haven’t been able to find a cure for the deadly coronavirus. According to a study by New England Journal of Medicine, currently there are treatments available to only stop the virus from copying itself and spreading. No vaccines have been developed yet.

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  1. syed

    Reading a lot about viroblock developed this mask for corona virus but extremely frustrating thing is, in none of these articles it tells where one can buy it if he/she is going to Saudi Arabia for Hajj. I even sent an e-mail to Viroblock and never got any response back. Could someone please tell where we can buy it in USA or in Medina or Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Hope I Will get some answer

  2. Bilal

    I do agree with you syed

    We need to know from where we can buy it in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The advertiser here should assist on this , otherwise no need to publish such article !!

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