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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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What you need to know about the Metrash 2 app; Business visa services now available

What you need to know about the Metrash 2 app; Business visa services now available

Companies will now be required to apply for business visas using the Metrash 2 service only, the Ministry of Interior has announced.

This is the latest addition to the list of services available through the Metrash 2 system. Up to 2,500 business visas can be issued daily, the department has said. Official and tourist visa services will be launched soon, the Gulf Times has reported.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Metrash 2 system, here is what you need to know:

  • Metrash was originally introduced in 2006 as an electronic service for Ooredoo mobile users only where upon subscription, residents could receive SMS messages on their mobile GSM phones regarding:
    • Traffic violation alert
    • Resident permit expiry alert
    • Drivers license expiry alert
    • Car registration expiry alert
  • In March 2013, the MoI upgraded this service by launching the new Metrash 2 application that can be easily accessed using self-service kiosks or could be downloaded on your smartphones.
  • With Metrash 2, residents can access over 40 different services online or through phones without having to visit the Ministry’s offices. According to a report in the Gulf Times, the services include:
    • Visit visa services such as submission of documents, status of application; visa violation notification; visa fee payment; issuing return visa for visit; extending visit visas, etc.
    • Issue of ‘Exit Permit’ for personal sponsorships and company sponsored individuals.
    • Residency services such as renewal or cancellation of residency permits; changing the data of expatriates’ passports; separation of dependents from an expatriate’s passport, etc
    • Activation and renewal of e-gate cards for the Hamad International Airport (QR100 for a year, QR150 for two years and QR200 for three years)
    • Traffic-related services such as:

    – Renewal of driving licences
    – Replacement of lost driving licences
    – Vehicle road permit and exit permit
    – Transfer of vehicle ownership
    – Transfer of fancy number plates
    – Certificates for vehicle clearance, cancelled vehicles, exported vehicles, previously-owned vehicles, first owner, driving licence and distinguished number plates
    – Access traffic violations
    – Payment of fines
    – Metrash 2 app also has the option of reporting traffic violations by taking photos and submitting them directly to concerned authorities.

  • How to subscribe:
    • You first have to register your Ooredoo number and QID number with Metrash. Click here.
    • Get a Valid Smart ID card, which is issued by the Immigration Department in Gharrafa or any of the MoI service centres, for a fee of QR100.
    • Then visit any of the MoI’s ‘Self Service Kiosk’ machines for subscription.
  • How to proceed:
    • Log into the self-service system by using your Smart ID Card
    • Select “Metrash2” option
    • Enter your mobile phone number and click the service registration icon
    • When registration is complete, the system will display a confirmation message along with a service activation key.
    • The activation key has two parts: the first part will be printed by the ‘Self Service Kiosk’ in the format (***-1234); the second part will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number in the format (****-5678). The SMS also contains the URL that you can click to download Metrash2 app on your mobile device.
    • Login in to the system using the two-part (1234-5678) activation key.
  • To download the Metrash2 app on your phone, open the link that you received in the SMS, and click on download. Once downloaded, fill in the following details, and start using the system.
    • Personal ID number for the subscribing mobile owner
    • Activation Key
    • Create password (or pin code)

Type the following:
– M2R  E  <QID> space <ID card Expiry(dd-mm-yyyy)> and send to 92992 (For English)
– M2R  A  <QID> space <ID card Expiry(dd-mm-yyyy)> and send to 92992 (For Arabic)

You will receive an SMS with the activation key along with the URL that you can click to download Metrash2 app on your mobile device.

  • The total registered individuals under Metrash service is 293,850 to date, while about 6,000 people had registered for Metrash2 in 2013.

For more details, visit the MoI website.

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