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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Need for better recycling facilities in Qatar

About 65% of Qatar’s resident believe they lack access to recycling facilities in the country, in a survey conducted by Qatar Green Building Council.

The e-survey aims at addressing Qatar’s sustainability issues and studying personal resource consumption, according to a report in Gulf Times.

About 90% respondents expressed an interest in environmental issues, and another 90% stressed on the importance of recycling in Qatar. However, 65% said they lack access to recycling facilities. From the total respondents, only 6% had a recycling facility at home.

50% respondents said it would greatly help to reduce waste generation in Qatar if more recycling facilities were set up near residential areas, or if waste were collected from home.

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  1. Mona Abouzeid

    I would like to find a place where i can bring my waste (at least plastic and glass) we as consumers use a lot of recycling materials daily without giving it any importance we just throw it . I’m pro the cause i even wish i can find work in this field , i hope there will be a national campaign to encourage people with some directive action

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