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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Municipalities authorised to decide on building exterior colours

Municipalities authorised to decide on building exterior colours

Following a new draft law passed by the Cabinet, municipalities in Qatar will be authorised to decide on colours for the exteriors of all buildings in their jurisdiction, including the privately owned ones. According to The Peninsula, this new draft legislation is aimed at ensuring colour uniformity in each zone around the city as well as remote areas around Qatar.

An existing law permits building owners to choose from among three or four specified colours for a building’s exteriors and seek approval from the municipality later. This law was originally passed in 1985. The new law now will make further amendments to the initial one.

The new law though includes stricter provisions to penalise building owners for non-compliance with the law in terms of not following a building’s design as approved by civic authorities.

Currently, making alterations within buildings, including performing repairs, renovations or encroaching on government land meant for public amenities such as public parks and roads – all require municipal approval. A property owner is allowed to carry out maintenance and minor repairs on buildings provided that this type of repair matches those on the list of the ones approved by the civic minister.

Therefore, any engineer carrying out such activity is required by the 1985 existing law to obtain civic clearance for the purpose. Anyone who does not comply with civic rules will be asked to pay a fine of upto QR200 or QR500 per square metre of encroached land, a relatively lighter punishment. However, the new draft law will henceforth enforce stronger punitive measures to check non-compliance by property owners and others.

Colours and their effects

So far though there has been no update about the colours that the municipalities will decide on painting buildings in each zone.

Colours have mood-altering effects on people’s psyche. Buildings with vibrant colours are not very common in Qatar. Read more about why this is the case in JustHere’s previous article that questions why most buildings in Qatar are painted beige.

According to a tweet by Tarsheed, Kahramaa’s campaign for the conservation of water and electricity, using lighter colours on inner walls of a building reflect a lot of light and help to a great extent in curbing electricity usage.


  1. ALI

    I am working in a Paint industry at Doha
    I would like to know why most of people in Qatar always using beige/off white shade colors in their buildings.

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