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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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More sports tournaments for migrant workers

More sports tournaments for migrant workers

With the success of the recently concluded football tournament for workers, sports authorities in Qatar are considering a permanent sports league for expat workers in the country.

Last month, JustHere did an article on the Workers Cup, just before the tournament kicked off, where Adil Ahmed, executive director of Qatar Stars League (QSL) had mentioned that “The federations of their respective sports are supporting the event, and we hope to not just double the number of teams for each sport next year, but also increase the number of games.” Read full article here.

The Workers Cup has generated a positive response from expatriate workers who make up a large fraction of the population in Qatar. According to a Gulf Times report, the officials at QSL are now keen on taking the Workers Cup a step further by establishing a full-fledged sports league that will see the participation of workers in some of the popular sports played back home. QSL is already planning on organizing tournaments for cricket, volley ball and badminton which will most likely be held by the end of this year.

JustHere had earlier posed a question whether isolating one section of the society to such a degree was healthy to which Adil commented: “The intention of the Workers Cup is to do precisely the opposite, i.e. to give the hard working workers of Qatar, a sense of belonging to the community. QSports social and recreational leagues have CEO’s, accountants, chefs, waiters, and technicians playing side by side in a cordial and fun atmosphere. However, the Workers Cup gives them a chance to play in world class facilities that they themselves have built. The benefits of such a programme are vast and we are confident that this will translate into a major sports movement in Qatar.”

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