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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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MoI issues safety tips for the month of Ramadan

MoI issues safety tips for the month of Ramadan

To ensure a safe and blessed Holy Month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Interior has issued practical tips for residents in Qatar. These preventive measures are mainly directed towards preventing fires at homes as well as traffic accidents.

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Protection from fire at home
  • Ensure that a good fire extinguisher is available at your home.
  • Don’t leave children in the kitchen or near hot and burning materials or electrical power sources.
  • When you smell gas odour, avoid switching on the exhaust fan or lights as they may serve as points of ignition to the highly inflammable gas. Instead, open all doors and windows to reduce concentration of leaked gas.
  • If fire breaks out in an oil pan while cooking, never pour water into it. It will ignite the fire. Instead, cover the burning pan by placing the nearest thick lid on the pan, or use a fire blanket.
Traffic safety
  • Set early from home, if you have to reach the Iftar venue on time. The period just before Iftar is considered the most vulnerable time for traffic accidents during Ramadan.
  • Avoid parking vehicles in a way that might obstruct traffic movement, especially during prayer timings.
  • Complete your Eid shopping early enough to avoid traffic jams and parking issues as Eid nears.
  • Pedestrians are advised to cross roads using designated areas of crossing to avoid accidents.
Report Begging
  • Begging is a reprehensible behaviour. If you see begging, report it ot the Anti-Begging Section on 2347444/33618627


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