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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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As midday work ban kicks off, some workers find shelter in parking lots and a few work on, unaware

The summer midday work ban started today, and most construction sites around Doha looked deserted this afternoon. According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA), the ban covers the hottest period of the day, from 11.30am-3pm, and will be effective till 31 August, 2014.

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Not all workers are transported back to their accommodation for the afternoon. JustHere  saw a few taking shelter under the palms on the Corniche, and many in shaded areas near the work site. The below picture is of a group of taking shelter in empty parking lots of residential buildings in Old Salata area.



In one site near The Gate Mall, workers were continuing with their routine even at 1.30 pm (see above). Speaking to JustHere, a worker from Nepal said, “We have heard of this mid-day work ban, but didn’t know it started from today. Nobody informed us.” They worked from 6am-2pm, eight hours straight, he said.

Do your bit

The #WhatIWillDo campaign is generating a lot of interest among residents. One of the things that you could do is ask workers if they are aware of the mid-day work ban, if you spot them working anytime between 11.30am-3pm.

There is a hotline number 44241101 for any enquires or complaints. Those violating this law would face a closure for a month, as per the ministry’s decision.


  1. Zuzanna

    Did you call the hotline number to inform about the workers near The Gate Mall?

    • JustHere Qatar

      Yes, we have tagged them on twitter. No response on the hotline.

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