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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Majority of unemployed Qataris still refuse to work in private sector

A Labour Force Sample Survey released last week revealed that 77% of unemployed Qataris were not willing to work in the private sector.

According to the report released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, respondents cited two main reasons to be: the hours of work (34%) and work timings (20%).

However, a new study conducted by Oxford Strategic Consulting, titled “Maximising Qatari Talent”, a major reason for this trend among nationals is because “employers are using totally the wrong messages to attract and recruit young Qataris”. The study is sponsored by Qatar Chamber.

When surveyed about factors motivating Qatari nationals the most, 48% answered “challenge”, 46% said “contributing to society”, while 36% said “helping the country”. Private sector employers on the other hand felt nationals were mainly motivated by “Money” (75%), “Easy Life” (57%), and “Pride” (47%).

Secondly, the method of recruitment by private sector employers is significantly different from how Qataris look up jobs. While about 80% young Qataris relied on recommendations from personal or professional contacts, over 50% employers chose online advertisements to find local candidates. However, barely 4% young Qataris accessed online job portals, the report revealed.

From Qatar’s 1.55 million labour force, Qataris constitute about 96,000 individuals, i.e. less than 10%. The report stresses on the need to “maximise Qatari talent”, especially that of Qatari youth who comprise 50% of the Qatari population.

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