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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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LPG ignited by electricity caused explosion at Istanbul restaurant

Last month’s explosion in Istanbul restaurant located in the gas station next to Landmark Mall, the head of operations management at the Civil Defense and the Director of the Forensic Laboratory at the Ministry of Interior confirmed at a press conference, was due to the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from the kitchen oven igniting with the electricity in the restaurant.

The blast killed a total of twelve people, including Asian and Arab male expatriates, and injured 31 others.

The officials explained that the oven had not been switched off the previous night and had remained on until the time of the explosion the next morning at 10.12am, when the restaurant was still closed, as reported by Arabic daily Al Sharq.

The Director of the Capital Security added that the spark, which ignited with the LPG, had most likely come from the refrigerator within the eatery.

None of the workers in the restaurant were insured. However, the restaurant operators are offering a compensation of  Rs500,000 (approximately QR30,000) to each of the three Indian workers, and Rs500,000 each (approximately QR19,200) to each of the four Nepalese workers, which embassy officials have said are far below Qatar’s Labour Law standards.

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