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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Local start up launches a new community-based advice website ‘’

Local start up launches a new community-based advice website ‘’ ( is a new personal advice site where the advice is crowd-sourced directly from the Yobodi online community. The site uses voting to help members reach their best possible decision.  The voting is designed to be fast, friendly and fun.

The site was conceived by the Middle East-based husband-and-wife team of Jonathan Powell and Ghada Abou el Dahab.  It was developed locally by Alaa Batayneh,

What makes unique in the advice and forum space is the voting feature.  Traditional advice columns usually have experts providing a single solution to an individual’s issue. uses voting to solicit feedback from broad community of helpful members.

As Jonathan indicates “ allows members seeking advice to propose solutions for their issue – and then they let the community decide.  We really feel that what makes Yobodi dynamic and interesting is that there is also a feedback loop.  Members will know which option was selected, and what was the result.  So will focus not only on the advice, but also on the decision, and then what happens after.”

The types of issues you will find on Yobodi are diverse, and can include important emotional issues dealing with love and family, health and friends but also lighter questions which ask about events, restaurants, places to go and things to do.

“Given the number of successful local online forums, we felt Doha was a perfect place to launch a new type of advice site. Over the last few years local companies have established a number of positive and thriving online communities.  People in Doha really like to help others out, and wants to leverage that spirit.”, said Ghada Aboueldahab.

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