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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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List of pet sitters in Qatar for those planning a vacation soon

List of pet sitters in Qatar for those planning a vacation soon

Holidays may not be so much fun when you have to worry about leaving your pets behind. Thankfully, Qatar has a few pet sitters who are happy to look after your pets while you are away.

1. Pampered Pets Kennel & Cattery

Located on a farm on the North Road and run by Anna, Steve and Leigh Bowers, Pampered Pets Kennel & Cattery (PPK) is an excellent boarding place for cats and dogs. Standard and Premium kennels are provided for pets, the rental fees for which depend on the size of the pet.

Standard kennels are available for between QR70 to QR85 per day for dogs and for QR55 for cats and Premium kennels are available for between QR90 to QR100 per day for dogs and for QR65 per day for cats.

During summer (June 1 – September 1), the deposits will be QR500 per kennel and during the December holiday period (December 1 – January 7), deposits will be QR300.

Additional charges include:
– QR5 per kennel as an air-conditioning cost during June, July, August and September.
– QR5 if you require your pet to brushed daily
– QR5 for any medication that will need to be administered to pets daily

Additional services provided:
– Door-to-door pickup and drop-off services are available for a one-way price of QR150 and QR250 during PPK business hours (Sunday to Thursday 9am to 3.30pm or Saturday 9am to 12noon).

Pets are accepted only under the following conditions though:
– All male pets above 6 months of age must be neutered/spayed
– Boarding fees must be paid in full at the time of drop off, in cash only
– Proof of current vaccinations must be provided
– Kennel cough vaccination is mandatory
– Flea and tick treatment must be applied on the day of boarding
Pet owners boarding non-spayed female dogs and cats must inform the owners about their pets

For the fee paid, PPK provides the following services:
– Three walks a day
– Socialisation under staff or volunteer supervision
– Food (owners can bring their own pet food however this will not reduce the fees)
– Veterinary services
– 24/7 care from a resident caretaker
– Insulated walls and ceilings to shield pets from all kinds of harsh weather
– Music, and lots more other services.

For more information, call 5588 4132 or email or alternatively visit the Pampered Kennels & Cattery website.

Office hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 4pm, Saturday: 9am to 12 noon, Closed on Fridays

Directions to the PPK facility can be found here.

2. Parkview Pet Centre

At Parkview, caretakers ensure that dogs and cats that board here are treated with utmost love and care. A maximum of twelve dogs and sixteen cats can be accommodated in twelve spacious and comfortably air-conditioned kennels, including a deluxe kennel where 2 or 3 pets can be accommodated together.

Kennels for dogs can be rented per day based on their weight. The rental fee schedule for dogs is as follows:

1kg to 10kgs – QR85
10kgs to 20kgs – QR90
20kgs – 30kgs – QR95
30kgs – 40kgs – QR100
40kgs+ – QR110
Cat kennels can be rented for QR60 per day.

In order to be eligible for boarding at Parkview, dogs and cats must be fully neutered, should have received tick & flea treatment and in addition dogs must be kennel cough vaccinated.

Cats and dogs should also be 6 months old or above to be able to receive boarding here.

Services offered as part of boarding include dog-walking, constant monitoring by professional veterinarians at the in-house veterinarian clinic as well as a whole lot of TLC.
Parkview also has an in-house Pet Salon, Pet Boutique and a Veterinary Clinic.

3. Qatar Pet Services

If you prefer that your pet remain in the comfort of your own home rather than in the confines of a foreign kennel or cattery, Debbie of Qatar Pet Services offers to visit your house and care for your pet while you are away.

For QR100 per day and for QR300 for an overnight stay, Debbie offers to visit your home and replenish food and water; replace toilet litter; walk your dog(s); play and socialize with your pets; groom pets if they enjoy it, along with a bonus of general house security and daily plant watering.

For the fee, your pet will be visited twice a day for one hour each in the morning and evening.

Debbie will also take your pet to a vet should he or she require any medical treatment, Debbie will also take him or her to your regular vet after informing owners via phone or text.

Contact Qatar Pet Services via phone at 6691 8481 or email them.

You can also visit the Qatar Pet Services website for more information.

4. The Veterinary Surgery

This Veterinary Surgery centre is run by Dr. Khaled El-Hossan and Dr. Samad Khan. Apart from veterinary services, they also offer pet boarding services for cats and dogs.

For cats, the boarding fee is QR50 per day and for dog it is QR60 per day. In order to be able to board at the center, the pet must be fully vaccinated, dewormed, must have received ticks & fleas treatment and must also have a microchip.

If these are haven’t already been provided, the Veterinary Surgery center will provide these treatments for a fee. Deworming will be performed for QR50, ticks & flea treatment will be administered for a charge between QR60 and QR80 depending on the weight of the pet. A microchip will be inserted for QR100.

The centre also provides other services such as pet relocation services and veterinary treatment services. While a pet is boarding at the center, they will be provided food, regular walks as well as a lot of TLC.
Contact The Veterinary Surgery at 4436 7187 or 5584 1224 (emergency services) email the centre or the doctors at:
Dr. Khaled El-Hossan
Dr. Samad Khan

The Veterinary Surgery center is located in Bin Mahmoud. Find directions on this webpage.

5. Pets Care

Pet hoteling is one of the services that Pets Care provides for cats and dogs. Boarding is provided for cats at QR30 per day and for dogs at QR80 per day.
For this fee, food (Royal Canin), maintenance, cleaning, grooming and supervision.

Prior to boarding, proof of vaccinations for pets must be presented. If the pets haven’t been vaccinated yet, the centre provides vaccinations for QR200. Microchipping services and deworming treatments are also provided here for QR200 and QR50, respectively. Pets Care also offers other services such as grooming & showering, dog training along with sales of pet accessories.

For more information, contact Pets Care via phone at 4435 7399 or 3322 7664 or visit their website.

Pets Care is located past Al Mannai roundabout on Al Akha Road. Find a map detailing directions on their webpage.

6. Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter’s trained representatives visit your home daily to spend quality time with your pet as well as feed, groom and clean them; water your plants and ensure that everything in your house is in order while you are away.
In addition, they also send you daily report and photo update via email or text message.

Contact Angela at 7701 4567 or

Photography courtesy Flickr user Dzila Dik


  1. Maria Nelida Juele

    I am a pet lover..cats and dogs. I am having 2 persian cats and 1 turkish angora , 2 were raised in saudi arabia and 1 in sharjah, uae. I brought them with me to philippines when i went home for good last 2011 from saudi and last 2015 from sharjah. I have resigned from my job and presently on husband’s visa here in qatar. I just want to inquire on how can i join your company as pet sitter to use my time since i am just staying home. If it is possible, please email me on the above address.Looking forward. Thank you very much.

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