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JustHere | November 16, 2017

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Leshtah (Winter) Festival begins today at Katara

Leshtah (Winter) Festival begins today at Katara

The second edition of the Winter Festival “Leshtah” begins today at Katara Esplanade, and will run until January 26.

The activities lined up for the festival include:

  • Interactive educational theatrical performance for all age groups
  • Workshops on science and scientific skills, to increase children’s scientific knowledge.
  • There will be an agricultural workshop, comprising a house with eight plant nurseries. This plant nursery workshop will involve the children in the selection of seeds, teaching them about the different types of seeds, as well as agricultural steps and tools.
  • Workshop on story reading, including accompanying work after reading the story.
  • The festival will also offer a number of popular games, played by a group of children on Katara Beach.
  • The festival’s visitors, particularly the children, will learn about popular foods through the “popular kitchen” activity, which will offer a well-known dish from each Arab country.
  • Children can enjoy making sand sculptures on the beach from 3-5 pm each day of the festival, and prizes will be awarded to the five winning sculptures.
  • Language games – where a group of children will join in to arrange various letters and pictures.
  • Katara FM will feature a radio contests for the attendees on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4-5 pm. The contests will involve questions about Katara, testing the participants’ knowledge of the foundation, and prizes will be awarded to the winners.

The event schedule can be viewed here.

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