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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Khulaifat Park



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Type: Women Only
Established: 1988
Size: 10,389 sq. meters
Hours: 3pm – 10pm
Phone: 4468 5594

Thumbs Up
✓School Age
✓Water Dispenser
✓Mosque nearby

Thumbs Down
✗ No males over the age of 6
✗ No WiFi
✗ No designated parking

Al Zubara Street, Al Khulaifat Al Jadeeda District
GPS: 26.124116,51.210666

  • From light signal at D-Ring and Haloul Street / Ali Bin Abi Talib Street Interchange driving towards entrance ramp to D-Ring Road toward the airport (you will be parallel to D-Ring and Salwa Road will be behind you.)
  • After signal light at D-Ring and Haloul Street Interchange, take 3rd right.
  • Then immediate 1st right onto Al Khulaifat Al Jadeeda
  • Then take the 1st right
  • The park will be in front of you but the entry is located on the opposite side. You can drive around from the right or left.

Nearby Parks
Al Ma’amoura Park
Busamra Park

What Makes It Special: Rock-Scaling Bridge

Let’s be honest. With a male-to-female ratio of 10:3.16 some days you can do with a little less testosterone. Women can breathe a sigh of relief in this park. No men allowed. Boys aren’t either, unless they’re under the age of six. Mothers with 7 year-old males don’t despair Busamra Park can be found two streets away.

Khulaifat Park has a male guard stationed at the entry but he does not have a view into the park. The park is closed in the morning to allow the gardeners work their blooming magic. These hours are strictly maintained, usually.

Women host parties, religious services, birthday parties and picnics. The playground caters to toddlers and older girls. If you’re easily amused and haven’t climbed rocks in a few months, the rocks piled around the bridge are wicked fun to climb. And renditions of Billy Goat Gruff can be reenacted.

The entrance to the park is hidden away from the main road; drive round the back and park along the street.

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