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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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How to keep your house safe from fires during summer in Qatar

How to keep your house safe from fires during summer in Qatar

Summer in Qatar is usually ushered in with fires breaking out in residential and commercial buildings.

Here are some safety measures to keep your house safe.

  • In the kitchen
  1. When you are not cooking, make sure all gas appliances are turned off.
  2. While cooking, keep windows slightly open and turn on the exhaust to ventilate the area.
  3. Make sure that your kitchen is equipped with a fire extinguisher and fire blanket.
  4. Make sure that gas cylinder, gas hose and fittings are regularly checked for gas leaks or cracks.
  5. To check for any presence of gas leaks in the hose, wipe the area with soapsuds. Any gas leaks will appear in the form of bubbles.
  • Fit your house with the fire fighting & fire alarm system.
  1. A new extinguisher must be recharged after two years, and then annually. Shake your fire extinguisher every 1-2 months to prevent the chemical from solidifying. For extinguishers that come with gauges, check if the pressure needle lies in the green area. If it lies on the red zone, it’s time to get it recharged.
  2. Install a heat detector at your kitchen. Heat detectors will trigger fire alarm once the temperature reaches 90 degrees Celsius and higher.
  3. You can also install gas detectors. They detect presence of various gases within the area. This equipment can be interfaced with the existing alarm system to alarm the people in the area where the leak is occurring.
  4. Every room should be fitted with a sprinkler system or else at a minimum a smoke detector and fire extinguisher.
  5. Fire fighting and fire alarm system should be checked by a third party to ensure they serve their purpose.
  • Make sure your false ceiling and walls are made of non-combustible materials. Gypsum Board is non-combustible, fire resistant material, lightweight and easy to install.
  • Keep combustible materials such as rugs, curtains or tablecloth away from wires and cables. Sparks from your cables can cause a fire and will spread if any combustible material comes in contact.
  • Invest in better brands. Electrical appliances of substandard quality are cheaper but susceptible to fires. Good quality appliances are a little expensive but are definitely safer. Click here to read our earlier article on electrical safety.
  • Since you will be using your air-conditioners 24/7 during summers, it’s advisable to have it regularly checked and cleaned at least every quarterly. Accumulation of dust in the window or split can result in overheating of motors and compressors, which can cause a fire.

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