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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Indecent behaviour outside EC. Stay alert!

Indecent behaviour outside EC. Stay alert!

Qatar is considered one of the safest places, but one can never be safe enough it seems.

The latest incident involves a ‘member’ of Education City.

According to a cautionary mail sent out to staff and students, the incident occurred in the vicinity of the campus.

Here is part of the mail sent out:

“It has been reported that a member of the EC community was out jogging in the close proximity to EC Gate 3 and the shopping area on Al Shagab Street.   During this time the individual was offered a vehicle ride back to Education City. On accepting the offer the driver then proceeded to drive away from the aforementioned destination and at that time exposed himself to the individual. The community member fortunately disembarked from the vehicle safely and returned on foot to Education City.   Unfortunately no specific details were noted other than that the vehicle was said to be an older model White Toyota Landcruiser and the male driver was said to be wearing a white thobe, no further description.

Please understand that regardless of how safe we all believe Qatar to be, there are individuals in every location who may pose a threat to you and your family.   Please continue to be vigilant for your own personal safety & security and do not accept any vehicle rides when offered from strangers.”

Some months ago, there was another incident outside the Newton school, where a young student was being lured away, but another alert parent intervened and protected the child.

How do you speak to you children about safety? And how vigilant are you? Share you thoughts. Let’s keep Qatar a safe community.


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