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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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An inclusive Jazz evening on June 9; Finally, entry for all

An inclusive Jazz evening on June 9; Finally, entry for all

The Jazz at the Lincoln Centre Doha (JALC-Doha) will be organising a special performance this Monday at the Astor Grill. The feature artist is Dominick Farinacci. The hugely popular JALC at St. Regis restricts access to those in Qatari national clothes, and a recent incident revealed that even if not in national clothes, Qatari women were not allowed. In April, Fatma Al Dosari wrote about her experience of being denied entrance, in JustHere (read full article here):

“After I published the article through a friend we got in touch with the performer Dominick. The band has been cooperative and really keen on working with us to have a performance for Qataris, especially Qatari women. It was difficult getting a clear response from the hotel. But finally with the band we managed to have this. It saddens me that now in order to enjoy live jazz music I must either wait for the public concerts at the MIA Park, or travel abroad. When jazz came to Doha with the opening of the Jazz at Lincoln Center at St. Regis, I was ecstatic.  Unfortunately, the recent rule changes have made this jazz venue more like a speakeasy to those like me, and I don’t know the password or the secret knock, I hope for a change, an equitable change.”

The Astor Grill at St. Regis restaurant confirmed to JustHere that though alcohol will be served at the restaurant during the performance (you need to make dinner reservation to attend), there will be no dress-code or nationality based restrictions.

Rules on serving alcohol, entrance criteria to places that serve, etc. continue to be unclear in Qatar, and has drawn criticism from residents in the past.

To attend the event, RSVP: 44460211

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