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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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How chaotic could Ikea family day be?

“You’ve Got to be Out of Your Mind to Go Anywhere near Ikea on Thursday, March 4 after 1 pm,” says Qatar-based blogger and JustHere columnist Christine Gerber-Rutt.

In her post on her blog, she writes that Ikea openings don’t have a flawless record. In 2004 three people were killed in a stampede in Saudi Arabia. Christine writes:

Here’s the official plan: Ikea gets these thousands of people into the doors. Then they close the doors — because they don’t want anyone else coming in. Then, because it is a test opening and they want to test their procedures, they ask thousands of people to leave the store in an evacuation drill. Hmm. And then, they let people back inside again. For free food. Which is available for only one hour. Thousands of people. After three hours of going in, back out, and in again, the cash registers are opened. For thousands of people. The store closes again two hours later. Need I say it again: for thousands of people

You can read the rest of her post here. Ikea family day is on March 7, and it’s set to open to general public on March 11.
Will you be going to the family day?

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