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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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HMC Steps Up Emergency Services at Khor Al Udeid

HMC Steps Up Emergency Services at Khor Al Udeid

Due to increasing number of accidents at the dunes, 24-hour air ambulance service is to be introduced by end of the year.

[boxify cols_use =”1″ cols =”2″ position =”right” box_spacing =”10″ padding =”10″ background_color =”#3c3c3c” ]Safety tips for the dunes
1. Never drive alone to the dunes. Go with a group.
2. Carry a smartphone that shows GPS coordinates.
3. Always wear helmet and protective clothing when riding ATVs.

5 steps to save a life
1. Dial 999 immediately in a medical emergency.
2. Know your location, so the ambulance can find you easily. It’s best to provide GPS coordinates if you are using a smartphone.
3. Answer all questions on the call so the ambulance knows what support you need.
4. Follow all instructions given by the emergency call handler, it may help save a life.
5. Give way to ambulances on the road.

To your rescue…
HMC Ambulance services have recorded a 10% increase in the number of emergency calls every year. This year so far there have been 321 calls daily out of which 176 were classified as critical. Meanwhile, 100-110 calls per day are made for helicopter services. The response time, i.e., the time the ambulance takes to reach the accident site, of HMC Ambulance service: Urban (for places inside Doha): 9 mts 59s Rural (for places outside Doha): 14 mts 59s Response time for helicopters:  20-25 mts Note: The response time is only for cases classified as critical. [/boxify]

Dune bashing, inland sea safari… the most fun thing one can do in Qatar! But did you know that there are at least 4 to 5 serious accidents reported at the dunes every weekend? What begins as a ride for thrill, especially among nationals, often ends as a tragic loss of life. Which is why Hamad Medical Corporation has stepped up its emergency services in the area near the dunes.

The HMC Ambulance service announced today, the following: Four new Toyota Landcruiser GX vehicles dedicated for rescue in the desert. The 4X4s are stationed at the Ambulance Service’s bases in Sealine and Khor Al Udeid and will transport injured people from the area of sand dunes to the nearest tarmac road where they will be shifted to a Mercedes Sprint ambulance. In serious cases the 4×4 unit can also prepare a landing site for Lifeflight, the Ambulance Service’s helicopter.

The department will be introducing 3 new helicopters by the end of the year that will be in operation 24 hours instead of the existing 6am-12midnight schedule. The number of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) related accidents have been on the rise, especially during camping season. According to a research conducted by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), of the 56 cases of ATV crashes studied, 5% resulted in death. About 34% patients suffered significant disability and 7% suffered permanent impairment.

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