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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Hike or no hike in school fees?

Hike or no hike in school fees?

Though the SEC has stated that there would be no increase in school fees in any of the private schools for the next academic year that starts in September, JustHere has received confirmation from certain schools that there will be an increase.
According to a report in Peninsula the Supreme Education Council (SEC) has rejected the request from some 80 private schools and kindergartens to raise their fees for the 2013-2014 academic year.
An official from Doha English Speaking School said they are still waiting to hear back from SEC about the raise in fees. “We had requested for a minimum 10% hike in December itself. But SEC hasn’t confirmed yet. We know that Doha College has got a 12% hike.”
Park House too said they haven’t received any news yet. “We got a 5% hike in our Primary School last year. This year we will have to see.”
Last year, 24 private schools were granted permission by SEC to increase their fees by 10% for the current academic year. The approval was given to only those schools that showed a significant improvement in their facilities and overall performance.
As per the fee hike policy, schools that have already raised their fees over a period of three years are not eligible for a further increase in fees.
School fees have always been a major concern for parents in Qatar, many of whom feel they are overpriced. Check out JustHere’s series of articles on the school system in Qatar.
Has your child’s school increased their fees for the next academic year? Share with us your feedback.

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