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JustHere | December 7, 2017

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[GUEST POST] The simple acts that make a big difference; Join our campaign

[GUEST POST] The simple acts that make a big difference; Join our campaign

Talk is cheap. But small gestures may go a long way in making a difference to those most vulnerable in the community, says Khalid Al Hammadi
of the SeeMyCulture initiative. Now, they launch a campaign to reach out to low-income migrants in Qatar. Khalid Al Hammadi
explains her intent behind this.

Everyone has an opinion on the issue of low-income migrant workers in Qatar. The media writes exposes. The community tweets and talks about their plight. We talk about it in our majlises and drawing rooms. While opinions are important, what can we do to be part of the solution? Isn’t it time to turn our words into actions? It is easy to tweet and post from the comfort of our homes and offices, but ultimately it is our actions that will change or at least improve the situation.

I created See My Culture last year to engage the community creatively in a dialogue; to bridge the gap between expatriates and nationals. But one of the main goals was to get the community involved in charity work too.

I found many people wanting to help, however the questions is always: “Where to start?”  and “How to start?”

Sometimes inaction could be only because of lack of ideas. Here are some of mine to make a difference.

How will one person’s action make a difference to a problem this big? I don’t have an answer to that. But it will make a difference to that one person you reach out to.

However it is not only about just helping them, but getting to know the wider community, speaking to those who share this land with us. This will also give us an opportunity to understand workers’ needs directly from then, and then try to provide that. We may assume know what they want, but it may not be a priority for them at all. Getting to know them is the key to helping them.

This is the first step, creating awareness and acting upon it.

As a community we can get one step closer to helping them with a few simple acts of kindness, our time and a smile.

In Islam, in addition to the madatory charity of Zakah, there is also voluntary charity (Sadaqah). Incidentally, a smile is counted as a voluntary charity. (“Your smile for your brother is charity.” At-Tirmidhi, 1879)

These two suggestions (you can download the posters below) are just the beginning. We’ve chosen to use a current hashtag on Twitter, #WhatIWillDo, for this campaign too.

Feel free to ideate, expand, improve and add to this initiative. Reach out to @SeeMyCulture if you wish to collaborate directly, or email:


Note: See our earlier article on how the community can be part of the solution, when it comes to rights of low income migrant workers.

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  1. I have a personal rule, if anyone makes eye contact with me I greet them, if they are wearing a name badge I use their name and I ALWAYS ask how they are and smile. I must admit to being woefully bad at distributing water, I have to work on that……

  2. Felix

    Saying hello, greeting with a smile, thank you and please to all with whom we interact is a natural given in most all societies. A campaign is needed for what should be natural human courtesies?

    As for offering water to those toiling in the heat. I started doing that the week I got here. It was obvious many of these men are often in need. I do not just pass them by. They are all our brothers.

    • Anu

      God Bless U

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