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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Getting behind the wheel: What you need to know about registering you car

New to Qatar? Planning to get a car? In this five-part series, JustHere will guide you through the different aspects of owning a car in Qatar.

In our final part, we help you with registering your car.

To be able to drive your car on Qatari roads the car should be both insured and registered. Registration is a very straightforward process, which is as follows:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Bring your car and the following documents to the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic department
  1. Completed application form (can be typed up in Arabic at the department for QR10-15)
  2. Purchase documents
  3. All records of the vehicle
  4. Insurance documents
  5. Copy of Qatari ID
  6. Signed letter from sponsor or company (for residents who do not work for the government)
  7. Copy of the corporate ID (for residents who do not work for the government)
  • There is a registration fees of QR100 that is payable only by credit card
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Be Warned
  • Registration must be renewed annually
  • After the car is 3 years old, the car will have to go through an annual inspection at Woqod Vehicles Inspection (FAHES) to make sure it is road worthy
  • Try and book an appointment for the inspection so that you don’t have wait for a long time

If the sale is between two private individuals (rather than from a used-car dealership), both the seller and the buyer must attend and complete a vehicle transfer form, and the car must be insured by the seller up to the point of transfer, as well as by the new owner from the point of transfer. Both parties need to bring their driver’s licenses and residency permits.


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