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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Getting behind the wheel: What you need to know about car insurance

New to Qatar? Planning to get a car? In this five-part series, JustHere will guide you through the different aspects of owning a car in Qatar.

In our fourth part, we discuss about car insurance.

Driving in Qatar always keeps you on your toes. A few words used to describe driving trends in the country are aggressive, intimidating and sometimes even frustrating. It isn’t surprising that insurance is an absolute necessity, even by law. It is illegal to drive a car that is not insured. The insurance rules here are slightly different from the generally followed regulations in the rest of the world. Here, you are required to insure the car as opposed to the driver, which means that anyone who has a valid driver’s license can drive the insured vehicle. Drivers here are not penalized for making claims due to this reason. By law additionally, passengers should also be insured.

Policies in Qatar generally last for 13 months with the last month being “grace period” for the owner of the vehicle to renew the insurance or change the policy but in the last month the policy is usually reduced to the basic package (third party insurance).

Registration of a vehicle will not be possible unless it has been insured for 12 months at least. There are generally 2 kinds of insurance available:

  • Basic or third party insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance

Additional covers can be taken to beef up your insurance like Off-road cover and a policy to cover you if you drive in any of the GCC countries.

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Be Warned
  • When taking the insurance, make sure you know exactly what you will be entitled to in terms of accidents and/or claims
  • After you have had an accident, if you cannot gauge the damage of your vehicle then get your car towed to the nominated workshop
  • Insurance usually does not cover the damage that happens after the accident during the movement to workshop

Comprehensive Insurance usually covers:

  • Free Agency repairs for a period of time
  • No deductible on spare parts for a period of time
  • Third party liabilities
  • Own damage
  •  All passengers

To make a claim on your Automobile insurance you need to have the following:
1.         Approved police report
2.         Copy of insurance certificate or Insurance policy for the insured vehicle
3.         Copy of valid driving license for the insured blamed party
4.         Copy of the ownership book and road permit for the non-blamed party

The car will have to be brought to the nominated workshop for the damage to be assessed and then usually the insurance company takes it from there.



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