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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Géant vs. Carrefour: Who’ll lead the Al Waab Race?

Géant vs. Carrefour: Who’ll lead the Al Waab Race?






French retail giant, Géant started its Qatar operations on Sunday at Hyatt Plaza.

Qatar is the third country in the GCC region to see a Géant hypermarket, where it is jointly owned by Qatari retailer Al Meera Holding and French hypermarket chain, Groupe Casino. Géant takes over from where Giant Stores left off, and continues with at least one of its legacies: Sparrows. Workers say some part of the ceiling is open, and the birds fly in and peck away at some of the products, like rice. The management has tried to keep its products clean and free from contact with the birds in the frozen section by providing closed refrigeration and cooling for its freezer products. Géant’s location in Hyatt Plaza in Doha in Al Waab pits it against another large French hypermarket chain Carrefour in Villaggio Mall.
JustHere toured the two supermarkets for a quick comparison. Prices are competitive, with not more than 25 to 75 dirhams difference.

Here are some other qualitative factors that might help you decide:

Géant Carrefour
Price visibility Price cards present on each shelf. No self-service barcode scanning machines available. Price cards present on each shelf, but they have faded from wear in some places. Barcode scanners are present in some areas of the store.
Deli food Not available. Large selection of food from pastries, light snacks and salads to heavier food like cooked rice etc.
Newspaper and magazine stand Magazines and newspapers are available; most are local publications with a small selection of international ones. A wider variety of local and international magazines and newspapers are available.
Customer service Helpful Could be better
Store layout Store layout is confusing. Better organised and convenient
Brand variety Limited selection of products in ethnic foodstuff.More regional than European products. Wider variety of brands available, both local and foreign.
Eco friendly? How? Biodegradable plastic bags at checkout. Recycled biodegradable plastic bags at checkout.They also sell re-usable shopping bags that customers
Possible dealbreakers Ample parking space.Produce is clean, fresh and well arranged and all of it at competitive market prices. Parking is tricky on evenings and weekends.Produce display is not appealing.Regularly offers coupons and rebates on electronic items.


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