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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Frustrated Pearl residents hope to tackle noise with noise

Frustrated Pearl residents hope to tackle noise with noise

The havoc that speeding cars and motorbikes have been creating at The Pearl-Qatar is not new. But what’s making noise recently is a new Facebook group (S.A.N.D – Safety and Noise Disruption at the Pearl) that Pearl residents have created in the hope to find a solution to the problem.

“Everyone pays a large premium to live at the marina and they should not be subjected to these unnecessary traffic and noise problems. I wanted a group where all residents could share there experiences; and rather than individuals trying to tackle the problem alone I thought a collective large group would make ‘more noise’,” says the group admin, who requested anonymity.

There are over 100 members already, majority being tenants, and building owners. The members share photos, videos and suggestions on what could be done to tackle the problem. The hope is that in the long run, this groundswell of civic engagement would put pressure on the authorities to take action.

The Pearl is home to about 9,000 residents at present, and also attracts traffic to its restaurants and retail wings.

Though the noise pollution echoes across the island, it’s Tower 30 and 31 in Porto Arabia that are worst affected. “This (the towers) has become a meeting point for bikers and luxury cars to congregate revving engines and generally being a nuisance,” she says.

pearl2Apart from disturbing noise decibels, safety has become another area of concern among residents. Last week, a motorist slammed into a Ferrari showroom at the Island, the video of which has gone viral.

But there are have been other accidents in the past that have gone unreported in the past, says the group admin. “Many accidents happen on almost a daily basis as cars overtake on the bridges, blind spots and also ignore the red lights. Speeding along the main carriageway through the centre of the Island is also a big problem.”

Though the Pearl management have suggested erecting speed bumps on streets, tenants don’t see it as an effective solution. “We feel the best way to tackle the problem is to have a police presence at the hot spots and offenders being issued tickets or warnings and also being banned from entering the Pearl if they repeatedly offend.”

There’s already a ban on motorbikes since December, which has brought some respite to residents. However, many bikers are actually residents of the Pearl themselves and therefore cannot be denied access.

The group has proposed a meeting with UDC, The Shield and The Pearl management to see what measures they are taking to improve the situation.

There’s also an online petition created requesting all those affected by the noise and safety issues to sign.

[Photo courtesy: S.A.N.D Facebook Group]


  1. Tracy Glenn

    Somehow this article comes off as rich people whining about a little noise.

    I live at the Pearl and there are an inordinate number of accidents here, some multi-car and roll-over.

    If you had drag racing nightly outside your door in your residential area how would you feel? Would you feel that it is safe to get in your car and drive?

    What if it sounded as if you were living on top of a Formula One racetrack? And there were races every night starting at sundown. For hours.

    The fun and games of these boy racers must come to an end. A residential area is not the place to race.

  2. ITS 18 November 2015 NOTHING HAS CHANGED

  3. Juan

    April 2016 , another insane night …….

  4. JJ

    16th December 2016 and still the same……

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