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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Five-storey parking facility opens at the Katara signal

Visitors to Katara Cultural Village and Doha Exhibition Centre will no longer have to suffer from the parking crunch due to the on-going construction work in the area.

A five-storey parking facility has opened near the Katara signal that can accommodate up to 500 cars, The Gulf Times has reported. Read the full report here.

Shortage of parking spaces has been a major worry among vehicle owners in Qatar. The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, however, has been working on a master plan since 2005 to address this issue. The plan includes an ambitious national network of railway and metro lines that will reduce the dependency on private vehicles. Qatar’s National Vision 2030 includes, in addition to the much-touted Metro system, plans to widen the A-ring road and pull down old buildings to create more car parks, especially in the old city centre.

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