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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Fire incidents on the rise as Qatar sizzles in the summer heat

Fire incidents on the rise as Qatar sizzles in the summer heat

Smoke billowing from buildings is not an unusual sight here, now that the temperatures have begun to soar with the onset of summer. The temperature reached 46 degree Celsius last week, the highest so far for this year, and is set to rise. This early afternoon a fire was reported near the InterContinental Doha Hotel in the West Bay Lagoon (pictured).

Here are a few things you need to remember for the next few months.

  • Keep your home safe.

Make sure all fire-fighting devices at home are fully operational. A new fire extinguishers must be recharged after two years, and then annually. Shake your fire extinguisher every one or two months to prevent the chemical from solidifying.
Gas cylinders are also a major cause of fire explosions; so make sure that cylinders, gas hose and fittings are regularly checked for gas leaks or cracks. Most importantly, turn off gas appliances when not in use.
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  • Avoid electrical faults.

The leading cause of most of the fires reported and investigated in the country was electrical faults. Always invest in good quality electrical devices. They cost more, but are sturdy and don’t face a lot of electrical issues.
Also, when it comes to using extension boards, we often tend to overload them with high-power devices. This can blow the board’s fuse, cutting power off to all attached devices. If the extension board is of poor quality, it would become hot, melt and lead to a fire.
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  • Build safer buildings

Buildings in Qatar have to comply with the Qatar Civil Defence safety requirements, which are adopted from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. But according to engineering consultants, it’s the old buildings in the country, which are at higher risk of fire.
One thing to note is that most of the time deaths are caused due to toxic smoke inhalation, and not the fire itself. Hence it’s important that construction companies use non-combustible materials for ceiling tiles, PVC pipes or jacket cables to reduce the amount of smoke generated incase of a fire.
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