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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Family residence permits: A frustration-ridden path for many, in Qatar

Family residence permits: A frustration-ridden path for many, in Qatar

Riadh D, a Syrian national, has been working in Qatar for the past few years. About seven weeks ago he applied for a residence permit – the second time in the last year ­– to bring his wife to Doha. There has been no response about his application. He has followed up a number of times, and he continues to wait, with fear that it might be turned down once again.

This story of uncertainty is not just Riadh’s, but also that of many other expatriates, mainly those hailing from South Asia and the Arab region.

The application procedure for a residence permit is relatively straightforward and the employer or sponsor is usually responsible for it. Employed individuals with a minimum salary of QR10,000 (according to the Ministry of Interior) can apply for a residence permit for their immediate dependents on officially completing six months of employment in Qatar.

V. Ram, an Indian passport holder, moved to Qatar from Oman in 2012. He applied for a residence permit to relocate his family to Qatar and went through the ordeal of receiving three rejections in a row.

“I was finally able to move my family to Qatar recently after a tedious application process. The worst part of the entire process is that we never received any explanations for why the applications were rejected; it was really frustrating,” says Ram.

Brhan A., has lived in Qatar for over three years, and he struggled to acquire a residence visa for his wife and newborn. “I wanted to sponsor my wife for a residence permit, but my application was rejected the first time. It was subsequently rejected another five times before it was finally approved. I had to follow up regularly, but there’s never a clear justification from the immigration officials about rejections,” he says.

To apply for a family residence permit, the Ministry of Interior requires the following from applicants: wedding or birth certificates, passports of all family members, a house tenancy contract, electricity and water invoice, attested salary certificate from the employer and no-objection certificate from the employer and a bank statement for the six months prior to application.

The pre-requisites for a residence permit are more than just documents though. Finding suitable rental accommodation and paying for utilities are no mean feats. Despite all of this, many people yet face long waits or unjustified rejections from the Ministry of Interior.

“Each time I applied, I verified my documentation with various private PR professionals (mandoops). They found nothing wrong with my documents or application, so there was certainly no technical reason for rejection,” Ram explains.

The issue of acquiring a residence permit is one that is widely discussed amongst Qatar residents on online forums as well, especially since so many of them face similar challenges during the application process.

According to the Ministry of Interior, residence permits are usually granted within six weeks. However, many people on these forums report facing waits of longer than six weeks without any news on the status of their applications.

Most applicants rely on official information to plan their lives for the months following the applications, which would include the arduous task of finding a school for their children. Not to mention the financial implications, as they have also invested in family housing, that’s a prerequisite to get a family residence visa.

Correction: The minimum salary requirement for an employed individual to sponsor his family for a residence visa is QR10000, not QR7000.


Photo Courtesy: Gautham Krishna



  1. adel

    That’s true.. But I hear u need to have a 10000 salary to apply

  2. Mike

    I have heard also that they are having a quota on how many they will accept, and the thing is… they don’t usually consider how prepared your documents. they just randomly picks someone…. so its a matter of luck on how you can get a resident visa here in qatar

  3. Aakash Jayaprakash

    Just to say that they changed the law some months ago, and they raised the minimum salary required for family residency to 10,000 QAR.

  4. Henry

    As in any country, if you have the right connection you can get what you want. At first i didnt believe it to be true, but recently someone i know from india was able to get his wife family visa even if his salary is a little bit less than 7k.

    • Ibrahim

      Henry. Pls can u give me contact no. Of tht person bcoz I m also trying for family visa but as my salary is 9000. It s not permitted

  5. khalid

    the salary limit 10000 QAR is with company’s accommodation or without it?
    if one having salary 9500 QAR and also having a furnished company accommodation,,he would not be able to sponsor his immediate family?

    plz reply

  6. I am Filipino civil engineer employed by Qatari-Australian joint venture company.
    I entered Qatar on temporary working visa for 5 months. It will expire on May 25, 2014. I ask our HR manager to change my temporary working visa which is general technician visa to my true job as engineer. I brought to the Hr office my Embassy stamped diploma used in UAE and Saudi Arabi for my past employment.
    HR said it is not possible to change visa status even I completed the temporary visa expiration of 5 months.
    With the new labor law. can I apply for a change of status of visa from general technician visa to engineer visa?

  7. Oyeyemi

    Qatar!!!, Even though they are well equipped with the latest modern facilities, they can’t just stop treating people with their traditional/discretion way. I have been working in Qatar for over 4years, I had never committed a single crime, Newly married over 2years, still Qatar never give me the chance to start my live with my newly wedded wife for over 2 years now. I have every requirements to be given visa but unfortunately the so called captains cant even give one single reason why I am being turn down. Can anyone please help me?? 70013071.

  8. I am living in Qatar as assistant accounts officer from almost three year. I really remember those days of hassle when i submit rp application for my family as i get good salary and i also have company apartment in doha. Most of my documents were completed but it took almost 8 weeks to do this I contacted many agents at that time they says that we do our best but rp’s is always on delay but Today I am good and happy with my family

  9. Rahul

    I have been in Qatar for 2.5 years. I am changing my company now. All my documents are in place but my RP Transfer has been rejected by Immigration . Any idea why ?

  10. sana merchant


    Can someone please help me or guide me with the problem which we are facing for applying RP.
    My husband is in Qatar, He has all the documents as required, except for rental contract. My husband is studying with her sisters family in Qatar. The rental contract is in our brother in laws name, whereas the rental cheques are given by my husband. There are certain issues because of which we cannot get the rental contract transferred in my husbands name.

    Can anyone please advice what can be done in this situation.?

  11. Claire

    Is it true that family visa for cousins are now not accepted? What is the reason for this?

  12. James

    I received a package of 8000 riyals plus traveling allowance with 1 bedroom company Accomodation.
    Am I eligible to sponsor my family visa. I am eagerly waiting for the reply in order to sign the contract accordingly.

  13. My salary is 13000/- ,I don’t have a degree and I have only diploma.kindly anyone could advice me whether I can apply for family visa in qatar

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