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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Expatriate workers shift to new, better accommodation in Industrial Area

Bidding adieu to their cramped housing blocks, many expatriate workers have now been shifted to a new housing compound in the Industrial Area.

The complex situated on Street No. 18 comprises over 50 three-storeyed housing units; each floor having four homes with four rooms, three bathrooms, a sitting room and a kitchen. There’s also parking facilities and round-the-clock security provided. Residents have also been promised the opening of a restaurant and a supermarket in the complex itself and Wi-Fi connection.

However, workers who have been accommodated are mainly drivers, storekeepers and merchandisers employed by companies, according to The Peninsula, who say they haven’t spotted any ‘low-income workers’ yet.

The living conditions of low-income workers have been under immense spotlight last year with Amnesty International reporting on Qatar’s poor standards of accommodation for its workers. Al Million Taxi drivers too have complained of similar squalid living conditions in an earlier report by JustHere.

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