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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Count the paper you use

Count the paper you use

It’s No Paper Day tomorrow. This initiative by Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) is aimed at fostering a culture of reducing paper consumption on a daily basis.

All that you and/or your company has to do is:
·      Record the amount of paper you use today. On April 4, record the amount of paper you saved.
·      Display the campaign logo on your website or make it your Facebook profile picture.
·      Share your photos, tips and experiences on the campaign’s Facebook page, or via Twitter using #NPDQatar

According to Shireen Obeidat, Events and Marketing Officer at QGBC, the feedback companies will provide about the total amount of paper saved on April 4 will help in the survey that QGBC is conducting on paper consumption in the country. “One company has decided to switch off their printers for the day,” she said.
“Though this campaign is targeted at companies, as individuals you too can participate by spreading awareness about saving paper and following the three R’s-reduce, reuse and recycle.”

While this is the first edition of ‘No Paper Day’ in Qatar, some companies such as KEO International Consultants, have been active in terms of recycling and announcing paperless days in the company a few times a year. “We have converted most of our printers to automatically print on both sides of a sheet as a default to save on paper use. When paperless days are announced, we stop all unnecessary printing that day and monitor the amount of paper saved for the day. We constantly encourage people within and outside KEO to be very conscientious when printing. Print only when necessary otherwise read off the screen,” says Mohamed Jaber, Head of Electrical Engineering and Senior Corporate CSR leader at KEO.

However, not all companies were aware of this campaign. Joseph Bautista, an HR Administrator in a private company said none of the employees in his company received a memo about the No Paper Day. “I’m not surprised and I don’t expect that many will make a serious attempt to observe ‘No Paper Day’. Our work involves using paper regularly. Digitising is not considered an option and is actually avoided; people here still believe in physical copies, physicalsignatures and physical records. I think it’s mainly because of poor awareness. There is a lack of awareness about the fact that proper and reliable digital systems can actually be trusted and employed at a practical level. This is something that should be introduced and taught in workplaces.”

If you haven’t registered yet, contact to receive tips on calculating your current paper consumption and other details.

What steps are you taking to save paper? Share your thoughts with us.


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