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JustHere | November 16, 2017

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CMC seeks new law to prevent further hike in house rents

CMC seeks new law to prevent further hike in house rents

With rents predicted to continue escalating until 2022, the Central Municipal Council has urged government to resolve this issue. A call has been made to issue a new law that regulates house rents. The hike should not exceed 10 percent every two years.

Increasing costs of land value and construction have resulted in increasing house rents. According to market experts, this escalation will continue at an average of 10% per year until 2022.

Illegal partitioning

Due to rising rents, many expatriate families engage in illegal partitioning of their residential units to house more people.

However, real estate agents are in favour of the partitioning, calling it a “temporary solution to rising rents”, according to a report in The Peninsula.

One of the real estate experts interviewed in the report said “the government’s development plans had had a negative impact on the market since old residential areas had been demolished and reconstruction needed years to complete”.

Housing issues in the country

Ever since Qatar was named the host for FIFA World Cup 2022, the country has been a hot spot for many expatriates who are in search for lucrative job opportunities.  A heavy influx of migrants has led to inflation in house rents.

Many residents have complained that companies don’t increase housing allowances of employees despite the rising cost of living, especially house rents.

But when it comes to finding accommodation, single men in the country are worst affected.  In an earlier article, JustHere spoke to male residents who struggle to find a spot in a “family-dominated” society.

[Photo courtesy: Julie Lindsay via Flickr]

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