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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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CMC: Call for increased inspection of partitioned villas

CMC: Call for increased inspection of partitioned villas

At a Central Municipal Council (CMC) meeting held recently, members called for a stricter inspection of partitioned villas and apartments in the country.

The issue was raised following complaints by Kahramaa officials about the increasing pressure on utility services due to partitioned villas, said a report in The Peninsula. CMC members have suggested that municipality officers need to report such violations to Kahramaa who would then immediately disconnect the supply of water and electricity to such villas or apartments.

The growing trend of partitioned villas is a result of an increasing expatriate population in the country who seek affordable housing. In the report, council member Hamad Al Mansouri said it was the urban planning committee to blame. According to him, officials reserved more residential places for citizens who comprise less than 15% of the population, while the rest of the expatriates struggle to find accommodation in existing congested areas of the country.

However, not all partitioned villas were illegal. According to an official from the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, a partition needs to be approved by the ministry, and is permitted if the villa “has the capacity and enough utility services to accommodate the number of families that will stay there”, the report further states.


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