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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Cause of warehouse fire under investigation; 20% of goods damaged were of clients

A major fire erupted in a warehouse of Qatar Logistics Company in the Industrial Area yesterday damaging goods worth several millions of riyals.

General Manager Hossam El-Mongi told JustHere that about 20% of goods damaged belonged to their clients. However, there is no policy for warehouses to insure clients’ goods. “Warehouses only insure their premises and facilities in it. Clients have to insure their goods before giving it to them, if not, the warehouse is not responsible for any damage in such situations.”

The cause of the fire is still being investigated, he added.

With incidents like these, concerns regarding Qatar’s fire safety measures have begun to resurface. Last week popular Qatari artiste Hilal Mohamed Hilal died in a fire that struck his farmhouse in Al Shahaniya.

One of the leading cause of most of the fires in the country was related to electrical faults. Moreover most buildings in Qatar lack fire safety protection. In an earlier JustHere article, Mohammed Jaber, Head of Electrical Engineering, at KEO consultants, said that it was the old, existing buildings that needed immediate attention. “Most of them are not equipped with fire safety protection, something that the Qatar Civil Defence (QCD) should, or probably is reviewing at this stage.”

Most recently, the Central Municipal Council called for a ban on partitioning independent residential units to house more people. Apart from minimising the pressure on utilities, the ban would also help prevent fire mishaps as partitions were generally made of gypsum or wood which are potential fire hazards.

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