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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Campaign to book motorists using mobile while driving

Campaign to book motorists using mobile while driving

As part of its efforts to reduce traffic accidents and minimise the number of deaths and injuries resulting therefrom, the General Directorate of Traffic has launched a campaign to book motorists engaged in their mobile phones while driving.

Maj. Jaber Mohammed Al-Odeibah, Assistant Director of Traffic Information and Awareness Department at the Directorate, stressed that the aim of this campaign is to curb the practice of engaging in mobile devices while driving a vehicle. This includes talking over the phone, texting, following social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Snapchat, as well as taking selfies and playing games like Pokemen Go.  The traffic law stipulates the offence as “Engaging in mobile phone while driving a car”.

“The ultimate goal of the Traffic Directorate is not just to fine the violating motorists, but it to create awareness and develop a sense of responsibility among the various road users in order to reap positive results on the road,” Al-Odeibah said.

He also noted that violating motorists will be booked on the spot whereas the traffic patrols deployed at various checking points such as roundabouts, traffic intersections and signals will stop those drivers who are using mobile while driving and fine them immediately. Traffic patrols throughout the country will participate in this drive along with patrols from North, South, Dukhan and Capital city of Doha round the clock.

This traffic drive launched by the General Directorate of Traffic at beginning of this week, will last until the end of the summer. During this period, weekly assessments will be done on the progress of the campaign and its results. At the end of the campaign, the Traffic Studies and Information section will prepare a report on the achievements of the campaign and its results in addition to a public opinion survey.

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