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JustHere | November 15, 2017

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Ashghal successfully implements its integrated plan for the rainy season

The heavy rainfall over several consecutive days all over the country constituted a hands-on test for the efficiency of the rainwater drainage networks and systems on all main roads and tunnels which revealed the success of the Public Works Authority’s integrated plan for the rainy season 2014 – 2015.

In order to ensure the safety of roads and areas across the country during the rainy season, Ashghal in coordination with the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, MMUP, and the National Control Center began developing and implementing an integrated plan for the rainy season as of September 2014. And as a result of the procedures and precautions included in this plan, there have been no water stagnation in the main roads or tunnels throughout the rainfall period.

Ashghal’s plan included a number of measures taken by the Assets Affairs, namely; developing the operations management center and training the work team to deal with emergencies; equipping an operations center to manage and contain emergencies at Ashghal’s Assets Affairs along with conducting continuous simulation drills for Assets Affairs’ employees to respond to emergencies, increasing the capacities of the customer service centers and responding to emergencies 24 hours a day.

The plan also included equipment such as surface water pumps and generators that have been tested for quality and readiness. Moreover, backup generators were distributed on the main pumping stations in September 2014, and pumping stations were connected to the Central Control Room (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, SCADA) for early warning regarding potential emergencies.

The procedures covered areas with existing infrastructure as well as areas with infrastructure yet to be developed. Maintenance works were carried out in the developed areas and rainwater drainage system was put to use to ensure its effectiveness.  For areas that lack infrastructure, Ashghal coordinated with the MMUP to take the necessary measures to avoid the rain water clogging in those areas.

As part of the plan to control rainwater drainage in areas lacking infrastructure, the drainage systems operations and maintenance team in cooperation with the municipalities, determined the roads that are most likely to experience water clogs and equipped those roads with mobile pumps to pump excess water and redirect it to drainage networks. This helped reduce water stagnation compared to previous years.  A plan was devised in cooperation with municipalities to manage any emergency water clogging incidents during the rainy season, including a traffic management contingency plan in critical areas across Qatar.

Ashghal has also carried out its regular preventive measures which include regular cleaning of more than 45,000 rainwater drainage networks and sewerage systems, in addition to cleaning storm water drainage manholes in tunnels prone to water clogging. Ashghal also put to the test all the permanent water pumps installed at these locations and carried out preventive maintenance on pumping stations, water wells and storm water drainage manholes and the connected pipes in the tunnels.

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